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Can Bankruptcy Put an End to Creditor Harassment?

Oct. 18, 2019

As an Oregon resident who is currently dealing with debt, you already have enough pressure to deal with without creditors banging your door down in an attempt to intimidate you. You may have heard that filing for bankruptcy can get them to stop harassing you, but how true is this?

Fortunately for you, FindLaw states that it is a legitimate way to stop debt collectors from harassing you. They state that once you file for bankruptcy, collection agencies cannot call you in any way. This includes average calls or notices, but it is especially important in targeting potential harassment or behaviors that can lead to harassment.

When a debt collection agency harasses its target, they can go about it in many different ways. They may attempt to pull intimidation tactics, such as threatening foreclosure or other financial or legal repercussions. They may show threatening behavior such as showing up physically at your house or parking across the street to watch you at points during the day or night. They may bombard your telephone with calls and leave threatening messages, or they may send you nonstop mail. They may call at unreasonable hours or use abusive language to address you. All of these are considered to be harassment, and they must cease and desist if you file for bankruptcy.

Beyond that, harassing debt collection behaviors are also illegal under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FCCPA). However, this does not disallow creditors from contacting you in general, which is why many people may opt for bankruptcy filing in order to get away.