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Zero Down Bankruptcy Attorney in Portland, Oregon

When You Think You Can’t Afford Bankruptcy…

Zero Down Bankruptcy is Your Solution

Are you buried in debt and have been quoted bankruptcy fees you can’t afford?

File now and pay later with easy financing options through Attorney Chris Kane’s personalized Zero Down Bankruptcy program so you can get a fresh start in life.

Resolve Your Debt

Rebuild Your Credit

No Money Down

Unemployed Due to COVID?

Drowning in Debt?

Need a Fresh Start?

You’re not alone. Unemployment is a long-term side effect of COVID and a reason to consider filing Zero Down Bankruptcy.

Many people need to find the best way to resolve debt. A Zero Down Bankruptcy will allow you to move forward in life.

The best part of a Zero Down Bankruptcy is you start building your credit back right away with small monthly payments.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve…NOW

You deserve a second chance – now’s the time to consider debt resolution. This may include Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The problem is that bankruptcy costs money.

You need payment options to get through the bankruptcy process. That’s why attorney Chris Kane is offering you a personalized Zero Down Bankruptcy program, that doesn’t involve a credit report and almost anyone with at least $2,000 a month in gross income will qualify for.

Seek the Fresh Start You Deserve

Skip the large corporate bankruptcy firms. Chris Kane will give you the time and attention you deserve to review your options, get you back on your feet, and start building your credit again, right away. It doesn’t cost a dime to start the conversation.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Who’s There for You

Attorney Chris Kane knows having to file for bankruptcy is embarrassing enough without the pain of dealing with a cold corporate environment. He believes it’s just plain wrong that you should pay money upfront that you don’t have just to get impersonal service from a big corporate law firm.

He believes you are the kind of person that wants to achieve your financial goals and that you deserve a second chance. Call him today so you can leave debt behind and move forward with your life.

“I highly recommend Christopher Kane as a bankruptcy lawyer. Chris is a pleasant, easy-going lawyer. He made us feel comfortable with an issue everyone has difficulty admitting or discussing. Right away you will feel better about your situation. He will explain the process, ask for some information, and advise you on the best solution for you. He will be there with you at the courthouse and is easily available by phone or email while you go thru the process. We also liked the casual office with easy parking and access.”
Beka M.

3 Easy Steps to a Fresh Start

Tired of not being able to answer your phone? Worried about garnishments and judgments? Attorney Chris Kane can help you with that right now. The sooner you call Chris, the sooner he can help get rid of your debt, and the sooner you can achieve financial freedom.

Start the Conversation

Ask Chris about how the Zero Down Bankruptcy option can help you.

Find the Best Solution

Learn Zero Down Bankruptcy plus other options and feel empowered to make the right decisions.

Plan Your Freedom

Discover what it feels like to get a fresh start and begin to rebuild your credit right away.

“Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start…”- Chris Kane, P.C.

Personalized Experience

Don’t be intimidated by 3-piece suits. Talk personally in a comfortable setting with Chris, not a paralegal.

70+ Google Reviews

Chris is proud to help his clients achieve financial freedom. See what a great job he can do for you, too.

You Can Do This

Deal with it now without worrying about money. Zero down bankruptcy helps you rise above sinking debt.