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Bankruptcy Job Discrimination Is Illegal

In our last blog we covered the new Oregon Job Applicant Fairness Act, which made it illegal for most employers in Oregon to use a job applicant’s credit history in making hiring decisions.

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Oregon Employers Can’t Use Your Credit Report Any More When Deciding Whether to Hire You

On July 1, 2010, Oregon’s Job Applicant Fairness Act went into effect, saving workers from one of the meanest Catch-22s of this Great Recession: after not being able to pay their bills because they don’t have a job, then not being able to get a job because they can’t pay their bills!

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Stripping Judgment Liens from Your Home’s Title

If a creditor files a lawsuit against you and gets a judgment, that judgment usually attaches to your home as an involuntary lien against your home’s title, a judgment lien.

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A Very Special Way Chapter 13 Saves Your Home

In our last blog we said that Chapter 13 can “sometimes get you out of having to pay your 2nd or 3rd mortgage ever again.” This “junior mortgage lien stripping” is a truly unusual twist in the law that could save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Ten Huge Ways Chapter 13 Saves Your Home

In our last blog we gave you some ways that filing Chapter 7 can help save your home. As great as some of those are, Chapter 13 is where the big home-saving action is. Here are ten major advantages that you get when you file a Chapter 13 case.

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Buying Time on Your Home with a Straight Bankruptcy

You might have heard that a Chapter 13 “payment plan” can be a good way to stop a foreclosure of your home and allow you to keep it. But what if you don’t want to keep the house, instead just need a little more time to finish a pending sale or to be able to find another place to live?

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A Solution Better than a Short Sale

In our last blog we gave you some reasons why short sales are often not all they’re cracked up to be. In this blog we look at the reasons you might want to do a short sale and why other alternatives may serve that purpose better.

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Short Sales: Often neither “Short” nor Successful “Sales”

In a short sale, a house is sold by “shorting”—underpaying—one or more of the lien holders. All over the country homeowners are trying to ram through short sales out of desperation because their homes are not worth the balances owed against them.

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Is There Such a Thing as a “Medical Bankruptcy”?

If you have a bunch of medical bills, they are usually about the easiest kind of debts to handle through a bankruptcy. People ask us about doing a “medical bankruptcy.” In fact, no such thing exists.

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