What Can You Expect When You File for Personal Bankruptcy?

Our debt relief attorney in Portland, OR can walk you through the process

Once you declare bankruptcy, you'll be issued a case number and assigned a trustee. You'll also need to take two credit counseling courses and attend a meeting with your creditors. Filing for personal bankruptcy is a time-consuming process, so turn to Christopher J. Kane, PC in Portland, OR for assistance.

Because he's helped hundreds of clients file for personal bankruptcy, attorney Kane is a trusted source of legal guidance. Call 503-380-7822 today to set up a meeting with him. Initial consultations are free.

The advantages of filing for personal bankruptcy

Retaining a debt relief attorney will alleviate the stress of figuring things out on your own. By filing for personal bankruptcy, attorney Kane can help you...

  • Save your house from foreclosure
  • Protect your car from repossession
  • Keep your utilities from being shut off
  • Avoid losing income through wage garnishment
  • Put a stop to incessant phone calls from creditors
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